RUNHOOD introduces the new RALLYE 1200, delivering more power than ever before

RUNHOOD introduces the new RALLYE 1200, delivering more power than ever before

It’s our most powerful model yet, featuring a groundbreaking modular design unlike anything else on the market. 

In response to vocal consumer demand, RUNHOOD is expanding its line of portable power stations with an impressive new model — the RALLYE 1200.

The new RALLYE 1200 doubles the amount of output power offered by the highly portable RALLYE 600, while maintaining RUNHOOD’s award-winning, patented modular design built around external batteries.

Modular design unlike anything else on the market

In a suddenly crowded marketplace of remarkably similar portable power stations, RUNHOOD’s line of modular power banks, power stations, and power generators stands out from the pack by offering several options unavailable anywhere else.

Like every product RUNHOOD produces, the new RALLYE 1200 is powered by our exclusive Energy Bar 324 power bars. Our entire modular line is built around these removable, external batteries, completely separating RUNHOOD from the competition.

As the name implies, EB 324s have a capacity of 324 watt hours of power. Like its predecessor, the RALLYE 600, the RALLYE 1200 can be loaded with two external batteries simultaneously. With two fully charged EB 324s, the RALLYE 1200 offers 648 watt hours of banked power to fuel a wide array of appliances and devices.

But with RUNHOOD’s unique external battery design, the RALLYE 1200 theoretically never runs out of power, as long as you have extra Energy Bars on hand.  

The external batteries can be swapped on-the-go into your RALLYE 600 or RALLYE 1200. Competing power stations with internal batteries require the entire unit to recharge when it goes dead. With RUNHOOD’s hot swappable battery technology, your devices stay powered and your adventures keep running.

The advantages of the external batteries pile up quickly.

Not only do external batteries allow for the exclusive, hot swappable feature, but the external batteries themselves can be popped out and used as miniature power banks. The RALLYE 1200 comes with both a USB port adapter and a pure sine AC adapter for the power bars allowing you to mod out your RALLYE 1200 to your specific power needs.

More power than ever before

The new RALLYE 1200 is the most powerful option offered yet by RUNHOOD, cranking out 1200 watts of power with a 2400 watt surge.

With a simple and rugged design, the RALLYE 1200 is a perfect companion for your outdoor adventures as well as  a handy backup to have at home for power outages and emergencies. The output for a portable unit of this size is impressive. It’s enough to fire up a hotplate for a meal, keep a full-size refrigerator running cold during an outage, or even wash and spin a load of laundry in a washing machine.

The RALLYE 1200 features nine outputs of power. On one side, you’ll see three pure sine 120 watt AC outlets safe to power any electronic device, computer, or appliance. The other side features a full array of USB ports plus a car port adapter. The outputs are rounded out by a sleekly designed wireless phone charger plate that can be found on the top of the compact unit.

All nine outputs can be used simultaneously giving customers more options to power their electronic devices and appliances than ever before.

New features, more options, and longer adventures

Along with increased power and more outputs, the new RALLYE 1200 also features more ways than ever to charge your batteries quickly and keep your devices powered longer.

Joining the traditional DC input and car charger input on the RALLYE 1200 is the new 400 watt AC max input allowing you to fully charge two EB 324s in under two hours by simply plugging it into a wall outlet.

Through the DC input, you can plug the unit into a wall outlet or go green - using RUNHOOD’s SERI 100 solar panel. The solar panel can either be plugged into your RALLYE 1200, or you can use an industry-exclusive adapter to charge the power bars directly with the solar panel.

This gives you the option of running your devices on your RALLYE 1200 in one location while charging up your spare batteries at another location on the solar panel, yet another option we can offer that no one else can because of our patented external battery technology.

The new RALLYE 1200 also features an advanced battery management system with six comprehensive protection backups that ensure optimum performance and safety.

You’ll also see thoughtful details like a comfortable, rugged handle for easy portability and a powerful LED light with low, high, and emergency flashing settings.

Available now through crowdsourced Kickstarter campaign

The new RALLYE 1200 is now available for early purchase on Kickstarter. A game-changer for outdoor enthusiasts, it hits the market just in time for the outdoor camping and hiking season. It will soon be available as well through RUNHOOD’s Amazon store.

Learn more about the rest of RUNHOOD’s groundbreaking line of modular, portable power stations, banks, and generators here.

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