RALLYE 256(324Wh/ DC 256W, Portable Power Bank )

Sale price$325.00

  • Unique modular power bank. 324Wh, 90000mAh, AC 80W/ DC 256W. Fast recharge with the solar panel( SERI 100 ) and AC wall outlet. Long-Lasting power bank with 2-year warranty.
  • Reliably power your devices every day for 10 years. Suitable for many appliances perfectly, such as iphone and other mobiles, laptop, camera, lighting, fan, etc.
  • Very easy to expand. Combine with our other modules to enjoy larger capacity and more functions, such as HE600.
  • RALLYE 256 power bank contains 1×324Wh lithium polymer battery(EB324) and 1×256W USB engine(UE256).
  • RALLYE 256 has 4 ports total,including 4 output ports(2×USB-C PD 100W and 2×USB-A QC3.0 28W) and 1 input port(1×USB-C PD 100W).
  • RALLYE 256 could be upgraded with adding more modules.
  • RALLYE 256 can charge smart phones, laptops, tablets and other devices that can be recharged through the USB port.
  • With RUNHOOD modular mode and RUNHOOD new technology of swappable battery, RUNHOOD allows customer doing recharging and using separately, there is no need to wait when recharging anymore.

Learn the ONLY and the 1ST modular design power station on the market

Modular design means that we divided the traditional power station into several independent parts: host engine, energy bar, etc. Every part has its function. The combination of different parts can enable a portable power station with different functions and capabilities. Plenty of advantages you will get from the modular design.

Runhood's modular design has obtained many patents, including design patents, appearance patents, and so on. Check the following content to view the variety of benefits of modular design.

Click the white circle to view the model and function of every part.


A bi-directional USB-C PD 100W, a USB-C PD 100W output, and two USB-A QC3.0 28W outputs.

SERI 100

100W, foldable. The folded size is 36*36*6cm, and also the hold on the fold bag making customer can take it everywhere.


EB324 is the battery module that provides power, and three engine module types (HE600, UE256 and AE80) provide functional interfaces.


The modular portable power station base unit. Combine with Energy Bar 324 to build RALLYE 600 to meet power needs up to 600W and 648Wh.


The AE80 module features a 110V/80W pure sine wave output to safely power small electronic devices and appliances.

Benefits of modular design(VS common power station)

Multiple combinations

With the combinations of different parts, you can get power kits with different capacities and functions. Fully meet the needs of various scenarios in daily life.

Supports hot swapping

The innovative technology of a hot-swappable battery supports swapping batteries on the go without ever losing power.

Easy to expand

The energy bars are universal for all Runhood power stations. By buying more engine bars, it's very easy to expand the capacity of the power station to 1296Wh, 1944Wh.

Easier to carry

Every part can be carried separately. This is very convenient when you go hiking or other outdoor activities together. Each member of the team can bring a part.

Charge-discharge separation

The modular design enables two engine bars in using and the rest of the engine bars in recharging simultaneously. charge-discharge separation. The engine bars can be recharged with solar panels, etc. No more limited.

Save money

Unlike the common power station, you don't need to throw the whole device when the batteries are out of age. Only need to replace them with new engine bars.