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January 27, 2023
Getting the most out of your RUNHOOD: Surprising appliances your portable station can power

November 2022 RUNHOOD Portable Power Stations are creatively designed to meet your individual power needs. For maximum juice, look no further than the Rallye 600 Pro, with 600 watts, 110...

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A Fair and Foul Weather Friend

  November 2022 A fair and foul weather friend When extreme weather hits, Runhood is there to power your essentials through the storm You hear thunder crackle off in the distance. A...

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RUNHOOD DIY Portable Power Station Review

A Portable power station stores power and energy right in a small, compact, and easily portable housing. A good portable power station is essential and shouldn’t be overlooked. In this...

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Runhood Modular Portable Power Stations: World’s First DIY Modular Portable Solar Power Stations

September 29, 2022 by Vahid_Vee The portable solar power station market is robust with innovations. Both leading players and small-time makers are busy designing unique and practical power stations with modular profiles....

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RUNHOOD Joined 2022 CES

RUNHOOD had a good show of our first DIY portable power station in  CES 2022. Many visitors were surprised to see such special Portable Power Station, which are far different from...

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