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RUNHOOD’s exclusive modular design gives you amazing features and options to use power wherever and whenever you need it. Uninterrupted, stable, clean power for any indoor or outdoor activity is all in your hands.

Modular Design

RUNHOOD’s unique, award-winning design lets you build your own power bank or station based on your power needs.

Get Full Power Instantly

Virtually unlimited capacity. When batteries run low, simply replace them with a fresh battery. You stay running.

Batteries Used Separately

Pop-out a battery and snap on a USB or AC adapter to use separately from the station.

Multiple Charging Methods

The hot-swappable batteries can be recharged with 3 methods: solar panel, car, and wall outlet.

Charge-Discharge Separately

With RUNHOOD’s patented removable batteries, you can use power in one locale while charging spare batteries in another.




"This RUNHOOD unit is the first modular-style portable power station I've been able to get my hands on, and I love what it means for the industry. Performance-wise, this model was about average, but it could offer you more in flexibility and convenience than many other units. This could be a game changer for trips where every member of the family is off in a different area draining some electronic device."

Review of RUNHOOD RALLYE 600


"That explains why portable power stations are so popular these days. But most of them suffer from one key problem: When the power runs dry, you have to wait for it to recharge — if you even have the means to do so. RUNHOOD has taken a modular approach to this problem with the Rallye 600, a power station with swappable batteries."

A modular solution for home and travel


"One such company is RUNHOOD, which has taken a modular approach to creating portable power solutions. Instead of offering a simple one-size-fits-all charging device, the company has built an entire ecosystem around its powerful batteries. Those power cells connect with a range of accessories, giving users multiple options for staying charged, both at home and on the go."

Off-grid solar kit with quick-swap modular batteries


"What makes RUNHOOD’s offering unique is its design built around external swappable batteries. The batteries can be linked together in the company’s power bank, or removed to operate independently, charging and discharging with USB or AC adapters. This design offers a lot of flexibility for off-grid adventures and can lessen the load of carrying a heavy battery bank."

Introduction of RUNHOOD RALLYE 600


"This modular unit is the answer for those who need to be plugged in off the grid. It offers up to 648 Wh capacity, 1200W peak power, and 600W AC power that can be recharged via an AC plug at home or solar panels (sold separately). Keep several batteries charged then swap them out when you need them."

RUNHOOD RALLYE solar generator


"Even the best solar generators only go so far when the sun doesn’t shine. RUNHOOD’s portable power solutions fix this with hot-swappable batteries, so you can pack plenty of precharged juice to keep your gadgets and your generator humming for days."

Innovative power station system done right


"With other power stations, you either need to place it in a spot where it can be connected to a solar panel, or you have to take a break from using it in order to charge it from a wall outlet or car. RUNHOOD took their system a step further by allowing the battery packs themselves to be used standalone with either USB outputs including 100W power delivery or even a single AC port (up to 80 watts sustained)."

RUNHOOD offers award-winning, unique, ‘infinite’ portable power station design


"While a wide range of portable power stations have entered the market in recent years, the RALLYE 600 is unique in that it is the first to offer batteries that can be swapped out without cutting the power supply. In theory, this means that the RALLYE 600 can deliver “infinite” power as long as its batteries are changed and recharged consistently."