RALLYE 600 MINI ( 324Wh/600W )

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  • 324Wh capacity. Use 2 hot-swappable batteries for instant full power, RUNHOOD bring back the convenience of old-school removable batteries - just swap for QUICK RESTORATION, like changing batteries in retro cellphones.
  • Featuring 2X600W pure sine wave AC output, 3 DC outlets (2*USB-A 28W, 1*USB-C 100W, 1*Car outlet), and 15W wireless charging, the Rallye 600 Mini Plus can simultaneously charge up to 9 devices while accommodating various plug requirements.
  • Experience unique charging methods. The Swappable Energy Bar (EB324) can be charged separately in 3 ways: AC, car, and solar panel (sold separately). The Rallye 600 Mini Plus can also be charged through these 3 methods.
  • Portable and convenient, weighing only 14.1lb (2*EB324 batteries included). Take it with you while traveling, camping, or enjoying outdoor activities. Power on the go, hassle-free!
  • Enjoy versatile power options. The EB324 battery can be used in two ways. Connect it to the AC connector (AE80) to create a mini 80W/324Wh portable power station. Alternatively, use the DC connector (UE256) for a powerful 90000mAh super power bank with 2 PD 100W and 2 USB 3.0 outlets. Enjoy convenience and adaptability for all your power needs!(AE80 and UE256 not included)

Product Model:: RALLYE 600 MINI