When severe weather strikes, RUNHOOD provides power and peace of mind

When severe weather strikes, RUNHOOD provides power and peace of mind

RUNHOOD’s line of modular, portable power stations, generators, and banks gives you the power you need, the way you want it to power through the storm.

When the power goes out, it’s more than just an inconvenience. Along with losing your lights, heater or fans (or both), and your internet, you also lose your sense of security. Your house is your refuge where you take comfort. When those comforts are taken away, it just doesn’t feel like home anymore.

It helps to be prepared for when emergencies strike.

With the RUNHOOD line of modular power stations, banks, and generators, you have power when you need it most.

RUNHOOD’s unique, award-winning design offers features other battery-powered stations can't provide, making RUNHOOD uniquely valuable to have at home when the weather is at its worst.

Modular design gives you more options to power what you need when the power is out

When looking for a back-up power supply to get you by when the grid is out, more people than ever before are buying battery-powered stations to replace noisy, toxic gas-fueled generators.

To meet this demand, there’s suddenly a crowded marketplace of brands all offering virtually identical battery-fueled stations that will run a variety of appliances.

They’re mostly great products that deliver what they promise. They’re portable, perfect for indoor use with no emissions, and run quietly. Most brands would be great to have at home to help meet some of your electrical needs when the power is out.

The drawback with other stations is they’re all built the same with internal batteries inside. When the station runs low on power, it becomes useless. You have to charge the entire station from a separate power source before you can use it again.

RUNHOOD’s groundbreaking design features external batteries that can be removed from the power station. This simple, patented difference sets RUNHOOD apart and allows the line to offer more features, more products, and more power than any other brand you can buy.

The batteries can be swapped out on-the-go while using the power station. As long as you have fresh, charged batteries on hand, you can continue to fuel the power station indefinitely.

And you can use the batteries as power sources separate from the power station. Small, snap-on adapters give you super portable power banks to charge your electric devices or even run small AC appliances.

These key differences set RUNHOOD apart and make the line a better option for power when you need it most.

Putting RUNHOOD’s modular capabilities to work for you

With the Rallye 1200 Pro, you get a power station with nine outputs for appliances and devices running at 1200 watt output with a 2400 watt surge. It comes with four, 324 watt hour external batteries, a USB adapter, an AC adapter, and a 100 watt solar panel.

When foul weather strikes, you can use all of these together or separately to get you by until the grid is restored.

Use one of the batteries and the AC adapter to power your modem and get your wi-fi restored. Most cable modems run on less than 10 watts of power so just one battery will give you around 36 hours of wi-fi.

Take another battery and use the USB adapter. You’ll be able to keep up to four tablets and cellphones charged and ready to go for emergency communication, get the latest news on the storm, or updates from the power company on the electricity.

Another battery can be inserted into the back of the Rallye 1200 for even more power options. It’s equipped with three AC outputs allowing you to run several small appliances at once.

With 1200 watts of running power, you could easily power a lamp, electric fan, and television all at once for nearly eight hours on two charged batteries. The unit can even run a full size refrigerator during a brief outage or a smaller refrigerator for a lot longer to keep your groceries from spoiling.

If you’re running low on charged batteries, all you need is sunshine when you have the Rallye Pro and the Seri 100 solar panel. You can charge one battery outside attached directly to the solar panel while using the others to power your devices. Once it’s charged, you can swap it into the Rallye and stay powered longer.

Available now through crowdsourced Kickstarter campaign

The new Rallye 1200 was introduced to the market in the spring of 2023 through a crowdsourced Kickstarter campaign. Delivery is expected this summer before it’s available online and through RUNHOOD’s Amazon store.

Learn more about the rest of RUNHOOD’s groundbreaking line of modular, portable power units here.

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