Dropping off the grid with RUNHOOD portable power

Dropping off the grid with RUNHOOD portable power

Your RUNHOOD modular power station lets you bring along some of the comforts of home when you need to get away

Sometimes you just need to get away from it all. Unplug. Relax. Drop off the grid.

But maybe with a blender for a morning smoothie. And a tablet to read some books.

That’s where RUNHOOD comes in. RUNHOOD’s portable power station is capable of keeping your devices powered all weekend long. And its modular design lets you build your power bank to your specific needs.

The Rallye 600 Pro comes with every option RUNHOOD has to offer, cranking out up to 600 watts of clean, green power with a variety of output adapters.

The Pro kit includes a total of four Energy Bar 324s (and you obviously have the option to buy more). Each Energy Bar holds 324 watt hours of power. These EB324s are the centerpiece of RUNHOOD’s modular power banks and power generators.

You can combine them with three different types of RUNHOOD engines, giving you the most portable power options available on the market.

For a weekend getaway, it makes sense to take the entire Rallye 600 Pro.

That includes the Host Engine, a power station that runs off either one or two Energy Bars and can power a large variety of appliances. You’ll have your choice of using a pair of 110 V AC outputs, a pair of 12 V DC outputs, four types of USB outputs, and a carport.

It also comes with a miniature AC Engine and a miniature DC Engine to turn an Energy Bar into a Rallye Nano. With a Nano, you can power a 110 V AC device or use the DC Engine to power up to four USB devices.

To give you the option of generating your own power off-the-grid, the Rallye 600 Pro is also equipped with a SERI 100 solar panel. With clear skies and full sunshine, the SERI produces up to 100 watts of power.

The SERI 100 can plug directly into your Host Engine to recharge the Energy Bars. Using the new adapter cord, you can also plug Energy Bars directly into the SERI 100 solar panel, making recharging easier than ever.

So what can you do with all this great gear? There are so many options! How much you want to unplug (or plug in) is completely up to you when you’re packing a RUNHOOD Rallye 600 Pro for the trip.

With its battery-charging cables, carport, and multiple output choices, it’s handy to have on the road to your destination.

When you head out on the trail, you can take a portable Rallye Nano with its DC Engine and four USB outputs for an added battery power boost to your electronic devices.

A standard camera battery can charge ten times off of its 324 watt hours of banked power. The sun will set before your devices go dead. So you could also pack a light kit and the AC adapter with 110 volt output.

Perhaps you just want to take advantage of the Rallye 600’s built-in, powerful LED flashlight with its two settings to light your campsite and its emergency cycle in case you need help.

Or you can go all out and have a portable power party! The Rallye 600 can easily run a couple strands of lights, a stereo system, and a blender for some icy-cold mixed drinks all at once.

No matter what you decide to do with your weekend off the grid, RUNHOOD offers modular portable power solutions to meet your needs. Check out their full catalog of products by clicking here.

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