Going green with RUNHOOD

Going green with RUNHOOD

RUNHOOD’s solar power capabilities ensure that your devices never go dark

RUNHOOD’s innovative line of modular portable power stations, banks, and generators can be used anywhere you need power. At the library. Inside your living room. Anywhere you need clean, safe power for your devices.

Many generators on the market are fueled with toxic diesel gasoline and fill the air with disgusting, poisonous emissions.

Unlike anything else on the market, RUNHOOD’s power stations are powered by swappable batteries. No fossil fuels. No foul fumes. It’s never been more convenient to go green and clean with RUNHOOD’s battery-powered energy banks and stations..

And with the Rallye 600 Pro version, you can turn your RUNHOOD into a solar powered generator. Each Rallye 600 Pro kit includes a Seri 100 solar panel that produces 100 watts of power by harnessing sunshine.

With the ability to swap out batteries on-the-go and the capability to charge the batteries directly with a SERI 100 solar panel, your adventure will never run out of power as long as you have sun.

Easy to Use

When you unbox your Rallye 600 Pro, you’ll see inside a black case with a sturdy, easy-to-grip handle.

You’ll quickly notice it’s light, manageable, and a breeze to carry. Plus, it looks sharp with the cover buckled over the front pouch and RUNHOOD’s logo emblazoned across the top.

After unbuckling the two straps and opening the front flap of the case, you may be surprised to see it all unfolds into a seven-foot long, six-square solar panel.

The smart design continues with the front pouch, which opens to unveil two DC cords attached to the panel. A pair of separate, detached adapter cords are also included.

You now have two options to harness the solar power generated by the Seri 100 solar panel.

One of the adapters plugs directly into the Host Engine of the Rallye 600.

The second cord is the newest addition to RUNHOOD’s modular power lineup. With this adapter, you can now plug your Seri 100 directly into an Energy Bar 324, making it easier than ever before to generate green, portable power.

A fully charged Energy Bar 324 provides you with up to 324 watt hours of portable power for your devices and appliances. Under perfect conditions, it takes around two to three hours to fully charge a RUNHOOD Energy Bar 324.

Once you’re ready to get started using your Seri 100 to generate power, position the Seri 100 so it’s getting as much sunshine as possible. It can be laid flat on the ground, or you can use the six kickstands on the backs of the panels to position the Seri 100 at an angle.

If you’re charging the Energy Bars by using the Seri 100 coupled with the Host Engine of the Rallye 600, match the red cord attached to the Seri 100 with the red cord of the DC adapter and the black cord attached to the Seri 100 with the black cord of the DC adapter.

They easily snap into place.

All you have to do next is plug the DC adapter into the clearly-labeled 24 volt DC input on the front of the Host Engine. Turn the unit on.

You’ll see you are now generating solar power.

The display panel on the front of the Host Engine will show you how much power the Seri 100 is producing. On the right side of the display screen, you’ll see a number showing input watts.

Try a few different angles with the Seri 100 to maximize its output of power.

Under perfect conditions, the Seri 100 can generate up to 100 watts of clean, green power.

Use Anywhere

With a Rallye 600 Pro and its Seri 100 solar panel, you have the ability to generate power anywhere the sun shines.

Measured together side by side, they’re just under a foot wide and just over a foot tall. The pair only take up around a cubic foot of storage space, allowing a Rallye 600 Pro to easily fit in the trunk of any vehicle.

Both the Seri 100 and the Host Engine sport comfortable handles, making carrying them short distances easy. RUNHOOD produces the lightest power generators and power banks in their classes.

The Host Engine itself weighs less than ten pounds. Even fully loaded with two Energy Bars, it still weighs less than twenty pounds.

With a Seri 100 and the ability to swap batteries on the go, you can charge one Energy Bar 324 while using another. Once one is fully charged, swap it out and start charging with the Seri 100. You’ll be able to keep powered as long as the sun is shining.

Your imagination is the only limit on where you can take your RUNHOOD modular power generator.

To see the full line-up of RUNHOOD’s innovative portable power banks and generators, click here.

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