Excitement builds as RALLYE 1200 nears shipment to first customers

Excitement builds as RALLYE 1200 nears shipment to first customers

The groundbreaking RUNHOOD line of modular power banks, and solar generators welcomes a new flagship power station with the all new Rallye 1200 heading to the market soon

Get ready for the game to change. Since their first modular portable power system hit the market last year, RUNHOOD has been turning the heads of customers and industry insiders. Now they’re offering more power and more options than ever before with the all-new Rallye 1200 power station.

It stays in line with RUNHOOD’s award-winning, patented modular power system built around the industry’s only removable swappable batteries. But now it offers 1200 watts of output power with the ability to handle a 2400 watt surge.

This opens up a whole new world of potential uses for customers looking for portable clean power wherever they need energy to keep their adventures running.

Patented modular design means more options than anything on market

When we returned to Las Vegas this January for the 2023 Consumer Electronics Show, two things stood out to us.

We learned we are hardly alone in the portable power station market. Because of customer demand for power on-the-go as well as breakthroughs in lithium ion battery technology, there are suddenly dozens of companies offering different versions of battery fueled power stations.

But what was also obvious is how much RUNHOOD stands apart from every other portable power station available today.

The difference all comes down to design. And swappable batteries.

Every other battery-fueled power station our competitors offer all run on internal batteries. These batteries are locked into the casing of the stations similar to laptops or smartphones.

The entire RUNHOOD line including the all-new Rallye 1200 is built around removable, external, swappable batteries. This patented design allows RUNHOOD to offer more options than any other manufacturer can offer.

And the new Rallye 1200 offers more options than anything before it in the RUNHOOD line.

Let’s start with battery swapping. Rallye power stations never run out of power, as long as you have extra batteries on hand. When batteries are running low, fresh batteries can be swapped in on-the-fly.

Competing power stations with internal batteries have to be recharged as a unit when the batteries go dead. With RUNHOOD’s exclusive hot swappable batteries, devices stay charging, appliances stay powered, and your adventure keeps running.

Along with hot swapping, external batteries also allow RUNHOOD to offer another huge feature no one else has the ability to offer: modular power.

The swappable batteries fuel every piece of the RUNHOOD modular line-up.

Maximize their power by using the swappable batteries inside the new Rallye 1200 power station to charge or run up to nine devices and appliances at once with an output of 1200 watts.

Or snap a USB adapter or a pure sine AC port directly onto the battery to create a miniature power bank with 324 watt hours of super portable stored power.

The new Rallye 1200 Pro pushes portable power to another level, offering more to customers than any other station in its class.

More options, more power, more fun

Sporting a rugged, compact, and lightweight build, the Rallye 1200 is designed as an ideal companion for camping adventures and a handy emergency back-up power source for home when the power goes out.

With 1200 watts of output power and the ability to handle a 2400 watt surge, it can power an electric oven or a microwave to make a warm meal at the cabin. It can handle a full-size refrigerator to keep groceries cold during an outage. The new Rallye 1200 is powerful enough to even run a load of laundry in a washing machine.

It features nine outputs that can be used simultaneously to power what you need, wherever you need power.

Included are three 120 watt AC outlets with pure sine technology, making the Rallye 1200 safe to power any sensitive electronic device or appliance. (RUNHOOD offers both North American and European versions for AC outlets and will ship accordingly.)

You’ll also find a DC carport outlet and four USB ports, two of the newer, fast-charging PD 100 watt USB outputs, and two traditional QC3.0 24 watt USB outputs. Topping it off is a 15 watt wireless charging pad for added convenience.

Rounding out the brand new features is a powerful 400 watt AC input that lets you fast charge a swappable battery in under an hour.

Or you can go green through the DC input that lets you charge up your batteries using a RUNHOOD Seri 100 watt solar panel.

The Rallye 1200 power station is, quite simply, the most powerful product yet from an innovative company known for its groundbreaking design.

Available now only through crowdsourced Kickstarter campaign

You can still be among the very first customers to own the all-new Rallye 1200 through RUNHOOD’s Kickstarter campaign. It’s set to start shipping in August 2023.

It’ll soon be available as well through RUNHOOD’s Amazon store.

Learn more about the rest of RUNHOOD’s groundbreaking line of modular, portable power units here.

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