The greenest portable power, period

The greenest portable power, period

With its solar charging options, RUNHOOD provides green power you can use instantly. And with its external, easily-recyclable, swappable batteries, RUNHOOD gives you peace of mind in the future

When RUNHOOD first launched, our company’s goal was to give consumers more options to power their lives with clean, recyclable energy. The award-winning design of the line’s modular portable power stations, banks, and generators are the most environmentally friendly power products available today.

RUNHOOD sets itself apart in a suddenly crowded marketplace with its groundbreaking modular line up built around removable, swappable batteries. These swappable batteries can be used either to fuel a Rallye power station or on their own separately as a miniature power bank by snapping on a small USB or AC adapter.

This key design difference sets RUNHOOD apart as the greenest portable power source available. As the only manufacturer offering this modular, external battery design, RUNHOOD can also offer several industry exclusive features — including the ability to charge those swappable batteries directly with a solar panel.

No other portable power company makes it easier to use green power.

The green benefits to the swappable battery design don’t end there. The RUNHOOD line keeps more waste out of landfills and potentially adds years to the life of your Rallye power station.

More solar charging options make going green easy with RUNHOOD

The Rallye 1200 Pro and the Rallye 600 Pro both come equipped with a Seri 100 solar panel letting you turn sunshine into usable battery power.

Just like the rest of the modular RUNHOOD line, the Seri 100 is extremely portable. When all folded together, it looks like a three feet by three feet briefcase with a sturdy, comfortable handle for easy carrying.

It folds out to reveal a six solar panel strip. A pouch on the front unsnaps to reveal the connecting cables.

Under sunny skies, the Seri 100 can harness an impressive 100 watts of power per hour.

RUNHOOD gives customers more ways to use their solar panel than any other battery powered solar power generator on the market today.

The Seri 100 can be plugged directly into either a Rallye 600 or a Rallye 1200. You can then use the Seri to charge electronic devices or power small appliances right through the power station.

Your Seri can also be used to charge your swappable batteries. Just have a battery in the power station while the Seri is plugged in to start charging your batteries using your Rallye.

You can also connect the battery directly to your Seri 100 for the most convenient way to charge a battery available. It’s an industry exclusive feature is offered only by RUNHOOD.

This gives customers the convenience of being able to use their Rallye power station in one location while charging the spare swappable batteries out in the sun by the solar panel.

A completely dry battery is back at full strength in just over three hours and ready to be swapped into your Rallye station to keep your devices powered.

External swappable batteries: a better environmental choice

RUNHOOD’s external swappable batteries last for years, but they don’t last forever. After a thousand life cycles, it’ll be time to replace your batteries.

At this point, you’ll be glad you went with RUNHOOD.

Portable power stations with internal batteries become expensive, toxic paper weights after the batteries inside reach the end of their life cycle. The entire power station becomes trash because there is no way to replace the batteries inside.

Worse yet, you can’t just throw it away.

Because of the chemicals in the batteries trapped inside, you have to take the power station to a recycling center. There trained specialists would remove the internal batteries before the rest of the components can be discarded.

With RUNHOOD, recycling swappable batteries couldn’t be easier. When a battery is towards the end of its life, you just pop it out, recycle it, and order new batteries.

This isn’t just the most environmentally friendly option available on the market, it also gives customers more value for their investment.

Swappable batteries add years to the life of your Rallye power station. With RUNHOOD, all it takes is a battery swap, you’ll keep your Rallye out of a landfill, and your adventures keep running.

Learn more about the rest of RUNHOOD’s groundbreaking line of modular, portable power units here.

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