Stay prepared through any storm with RUNHOOD Power

Stay prepared through any storm with RUNHOOD Power

The all-new, groundbreaking Rallye 1200 with swappable batteries comes to market during one of the harshest severe weather seasons in history.

The skies grow dark as the winds starts to howl. Sheets of rain fall. The rumbles of thunder rattle the windows as lightning flashes outside.

It’s one of those uneasy nights when the entire area is under a tornado watch, waiting to see if a twister spins out of the clouds above.

Tornados are unpredictable and terrifying but being prepared is key to staying safe. With RUNHOOD, you have endless power when you need it most. You stay connected. You stay informed. And you weather the storm.

Keeping connected with portable power keeps your family safe

While the Ohio Valley, American South, and the Great Plains see the majority of the nation’s tornadoes, twisters touch down in nearly every state, every year. Each year seems to bring more storms than the last. And the storms are getting more and more powerful.

The spring of 2023 set records for destruction and power outages, with hundreds of thousands of people left in the dark by the damage from tornadoes, large hail, and gusting winds.

When these types of powerful storms strike, your safety relies on staying connected. Having access to the latest news, weather reports, and radar broadcasts lets you know if you are in the storm’s path and need to take shelter.

The RUNHOOD modular line of portable power stations, banks, and generators brings peace of mind. With RUNHOOD, you know you have virtually limitless power no matter what nature throws your way.

The entire line is built around swappable batteries. These swappable batteries can be inserted into the back of any of RUNHOOD’s Rallye Power Stations or they can be used with small adapters to create a single-use, mini portable power bank.

Swappable batteries are an industry feature exclusive to RUNHOOD. No other power product line can offer this kind of modular capability.

When used to fuel a Rallye Power Station, these swappable batteries unleash up to 1200 watts of power to run nearly any appliance and keep a variety of smartphones and tablets fully charged.

As long as you have charged swappable batteries on hand, you have endless power when using a Rallye Power Station. As batteries run low, you just swap fresh ones into the back of the Rallye to keep all of your appliances and devices running.

This unlimited extended capacity is yet another exclusive feature offered only by RUNHOOD.

When a powerful storm is bearing down on your home, you know you have the power to keep all of your important communication devices charged no matter what happens.

Flexible power when you need it, wherever you need power

RUNHOOD’s modular design is flexible, letting you build what you want for your individual power needs.

Build a miniature power bank by taking one of the swappable batteries and snapping on a USB adapter to keep with you wherever you go. You’ll be able to make sure your phone stays charged so you can make calls and keep tabs on your weather and radar apps.

If you need more power, drop a couple of swappable batteries into a Rallye 1200. It features nine outputs for devices and appliances and 1200 watts of sustained power with a 2400 watt surge capacity. The Rallye 1200 is strong enough to keep even a full-size refrigerator ice cold during a power outage.

Everything can be used together to maximize the power of your RUNHOOD.

If you need to spend some time in a shelter to wait out the storm, use one swappable battery with an AC adapter to power a lamp. You can use another swappable battery with a USB adapter to keep up to four smartphones fully charged.

You can use your Rallye 1200 to power a tv, a computer, and a modem all at once to stay informed, connected, and comfortable while taking shelter. And you can keep everything running for as long as you have spare swappable batteries on hand.

Available now through crowdsourced Kickstarter campaign

The new RALLYE 1200 was introduced to the market in the Spring of 2023 at the start of the severe thunderstorm season. It is currently available through a crowd sourced Kickstarter campaign and will soon be available online as well through RUNHOOD’s Amazon store.

Learn more about the rest of RUNHOOD’s groundbreaking line of modular, portable power units here.

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