RUNHOOD: A trusted back up for your home medical power needs

RUNHOOD: A trusted back up for your home medical power needs

With its clean energy, solar-charging options, and pure sine technology, RUNHOOD can be relied on to power sensitive medical equipment in an emergency

For people who rely on home medical equipment, power is more than a convenience. In those cases, having access to power to keep devices running is a medical necessity.

It also has to be a clean energy source. Diesel powered generators that produce noxious, poisonous fumes won’t work.

Medical equipment is sensitive. Internal timers and external pumps need a consistent and reliable current to run correctly.

RUNHOOD products are dependable back-up power sources that will keep medical equipment running smoothly until the power is restored.

Clean, green, unlimited power

The engineers at RUNHOOD have designed a relatively compact battery that banks up to 324 watt hours of power. With four Energy Bar 324s fully charged, that gives you 1,296 watt hours.

That is a lot of energy.

When combined with the Host Engine 600 to form a Rallye 600, you can put out as much as 600 watts of power from a compact and manageable power station.

One of the most common home medical devices in use today is a Continuous Positive Airway Pressure machine, also known as a CPAP. They’re most often used to treat sleep apnea by stabilizing air pressure through the night with a series of pumps and a mask.

In the United States alone, 8 million people use CPAP machines to get a good night’s rest.

Typically, a CPAP machine uses 30-60 watts at an average pressure setting of 7-12 cm H2O without a heated humidifier.

If the power goes down, a CPAP user won’t have to sacrifice sleep. With a fully-charged Rallye 600 by the bedside, you get 10-20 hours of running time depending on the pressure setting — more than enough to get through the night.

For devices and appliances that use a higher wattage, RUNHOOD still delivers. With its incredibly innovative hot-swapping battery feature, you theoretically will never run out of power as long as you have a charged Energy Bar 324 on hand.

But what can you do if the power stays out for more than just a few hours?

When you upgrade your Rallye 600 to a “pro” version, a SERI 100 solar panel is included in the package. With a SERI 100, you can charge your Energy Bar 324s with just sunshine.

With a SERI 100, the hot-swappable battery feature, and the right number of Energy Bars, your important medical equipment will always have clean, emission-free power when you need it most.

A current you can rely on

Not just any energy source can be trusted to run sensitive electronic medical equipment.

These devices are designed to run on a current delivered by a standard wall outlet. In the U.S., that would be a 60 Hz, 120 volt AC output.

Alternating current or “AC” has long been considered the safest way to power appliances with a current that alternates between positive and negative 60 times a second.

That energy forms a perfect wave as the current moves from positive to negative and back again. Scientifically, that perfect wave is called a “pure sine.”

Sensitive electronics run best on pure sine current. But delivering that pure sine isn’t easy. Many current inverters will cheap out and offer “modified sine.”

With modified sine, the current still modulates at the correct rates — but the wave is choppy and blocky instead of smooth.

At some point, you’ve probably heard a stereo system hooked up to a cheaper energy source with a noticeable electronic hum in the background.

Providing a pure sine current is more expensive. Additional filters and components are needed. But for higher-end devices and appliances, the additional cost is worth it.

Modified sine currents will eventually damage sensitive medical equipment over time.

To run sensitive medial equipment correctly, you need the pure sine current delivered by every product in the RUNHOOD line.

When you’re dealing with something as important as your health and well-being, you need power you can trust and power that delivers.

To see the full line RUNHOOD products that will keep you powered when you need it most, click here.

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