Taking RUNHOOD out to the big game

Taking RUNHOOD out to the big game

With it’s modular, battery-powered design that lets you customize your power station to meet your needs, RUNHOOD is the ticket to a perfect tailgating party

It’s the biggest game of the year. You and your very best friends scored tickets months ago. This is the day you’ve been waiting for all season. It’s not just a game;it’s an event. You and your crew are going to make the most of it.

That means getting to the stadium early with all of your friends. And setting up a parking lot party that will be the envy of every fan that passes.

You’ve got the tickets. You’ve got the cooler packed. And you’ve got your RUNHOOD.

You’re ready to become a tailgating legend.

Perfectly portable

RUNHOOD’s Rallye 600 can easily be taken anywhere with it’s compact but powerful design. Measuring just 13 inches long, 8 inches tall, and just over 6 inches wide, it takes up about a square foot of space in the trunk of your vehicle.

The Host Engine on its own is light, weighing in at around 8.5 pounds. When it’s fully loaded with two Energy Bar 324s, it’s a rugged, sturdy, and manageable 16 pounds.

While the Rallye 600 is small and portable, it also delivers more power than anything else on the market in its class.

With two fully-charged Energy Bars, it churns out 648 watt hours of power for your appliances. With its innovative, hot-swapping technology, you can change batteries while you charge, so your devices never lose power.

And with its two AC 110 volt plug-in outputs, 12 volt 10 amp carport, pair of 12 volt 5 amp DC outputs, and four USB ports, you have all the options you’ll need to power a perfect party.

The power you need

What you can power with your Rallye 600 at a tailgate is limited only by your imagination. With 600 watts of output and 1296 watt hours of portable power with all four Energy Bar 324s fully charged, you’ll easily have the power for all your tailgating essentials.

If you’re spending the entire day in a parking lot, you’re going to need some tunes to pump up the crowd.

You could run just a portable bluetooth speaker. There are some powerful ones on the market. And it would be easy to keep powered up through the day with an occasional recharge off one of the Host Engine’s four USB ports.

Or you could take it up a level.

With a RUNHOOD, you have the power to run an entire stereo system. Newer speakers with higher sensitivity ratings don’t even need that much juice to blare your music. For example, a speaker with an 83 decibel rating only needs 16 watts of power an hour to blast sound at an ear rocking 95db.

They’ll be able to hear your party all around the lot for 18 hours using just one of your Energy Bars.

Plus, many stereos can be powered using a DC output, keeping your pair of AC plug outputs ready for other toys you’ll need.

Like some lights. Maybe even in the teams colors — that flash. You could even find some that pulse along to your music.

A cool set of LED lights only uses around 5 watts of power. Some will have DC adapters. Most use an AC plug. Either way, you could use the AC Engine or the DC Engine and an Energy Bar 324 to build a Rallye Nano.

You’ll be able to set them up anywhere you want and literally run them for days.

After you have the music cranking, the lights shining, and your BBQ going, you and your friends are going to want to celebrate with an icy cold drink.

You can whip up whatever anyone in the crew wants to imbibe with the power of your RUNHOOD.

Many blenders run well under 600 watts and do a perfectly fine job churning up ice, fruits, and whatever else your friends might want to add into a refreshing and delicious beverage.

You could run a 350 watt blender on high for nearly two hours with the big bank of power stored up inside your portable RUNHOOD Rallye 600.

If any one of your friends has a few two many blended drinks and accidentally leaves the car lights on while you’re in the stadium rooting your team to victory, you’ll be glad you brought RUNHOOD to the party.

With the car charging accessory, you can charge your battery in less than an hour and be back on the road.

Let us know on Facebook about some of your favorite ways to use your Rallye 600 or Nano. Check out the full catalog of everything we have to offer here.

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