RUNHOOD DIY Portable Power Station Review

RUNHOOD DIY Portable Power Station Review - Runhood Power Inc.

A Portable power station stores power and energy right in a small, compact, and easily portable housing. A good portable power station is essential and shouldn’t be overlooked. In this article, we’ve reviewed the RUNHOOD DIY portable power station. Recently, we’ve got our hands on this product, and it comes with many cool and unique features to discuss.

Have you ever thought about the convenience of carrying a power station on your outdoor expedition trips? It’s important to have all of your electronic devices and gadgets powered up during those adventures, as most of our essential gear relies on a dependable power source. And brands these days are coming with new and innovative technologies to make our life easier. What if you have a power station that’s modular? Sounds pretty amazing? Well, we’ve got our hands on the RUNHOOD DIY Portable Power Station, a unique, modular, DIY power station that’ll provide you with the much-needed energy during your outdoor trips.

RUNHOOD DIY Portable Power Station Review

And after using the power station on some of our recent trips, we’ve decided to talk about RUNHOOD DIY Portable Power Station’s features, performance, and other unique perks.

Accessories and Features

The power station comes with 4 different parts. First one is the hosting device, which is called the hosting engine 600. Next, we have four of these energy bars 324, a 324-watt-hour battery. This little one is the detachable AC power outlet, called the AC Engine 80, featuring the best technologies and power. And last but not least, here’s the USB engine 256, a modular USB hub, that features 4 different USB ports, including USB-C PD and USB-A QC3.0 ports.

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So, here we have the power station’s host engine 600 rocking RUNHOOD’s branding on both sides. Holding the power station feels pretty heavy and doesn’t give any kind of cheap feeling at all. This strong and sturdy housing is made of ruggedized plastic, and the handle gives us a pretty strong and firm grip, making it easier and more reliable to carry around. Look at its orange and black color combination, it’s pretty eye-catching and easier to find outdoors. At the bottom, the rubberized grips will give you the perfect stability on any kind of surface, just like this.

This power station side features all the ports, an LED flashlight, and this LCD display gives a short brief of your power usage. Next, this side has this mesh for air exhausting, and these are the swappable batteries. And that was a quick tour of its exterior; now, let’s check out its performance and other perks.


This power station came with these four swappable EB324 energy bars, or batteries, as you may call them, and each of them has a 324-watt-hour capacity, and you can use two energy bars at a time. Which makes a total of 648-watt-hour, it will back your electronics up and also provide a completely uninterrupted power supply. How? Well, unlike any other traditional power station, you can easily swap the Runhood’s batteries. As a result, you can easily use two of these energy bars for your power station while keeping the other two on charge, which will eliminate the waiting time for this to charge.

RUNHOOD DIY Portable Power Station

Not only that, you’ll feel blessed with its “Never Lose Power” feature, which ensures that your power supply stays on even while swapping the batteries. As a result, your laptop charging and gaming will be uninterrupted, and you’ll be left with no outage. Each of these swappable lithium-ion batteries is compact, portable, lighter than 4 pounds, and is about 10-inches long. And the fun fact is, you can just pull out one of the energy bars and use that for backyard cooking, powering up your backyard speaker, or electrifying those string lights, which eliminates the need of maneuvering the whole power station.

Charging System

Runhood offers you two ways to juice up these amazing energy bars: traditional AC port charging and the convenience of solar charging if you want to go green. Either of the ways can be used according to your best convenience. This 180-watts AC adapter and the 100-watts PD port can be used simultaneously for a quicker charging time. This 12-volts 120-watts car charger can be used to charge it from your car battery. This power station also gives you the option of going green with an MPPT supported 15-volts to the 23-volts solar panel.

As it’s a modular power station, you’ll be getting full freedom with the AC engine 80, which provides you with a 110-volts AC port that features the Pure Sine Wave technology for an uninterrupted power delivery. This LCD screen shows you the battery percentage and a small brief of your power usage. And this bright LED bulb can be used in any kind of emergency, thanks to its 3 different lighting modes, including this S.O.S mode.

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Power Output

Next, for more modularity, you’ll get this USB Engine 256. Each of these USB-C PD or power delivery ports can deliver up to 100-watts, and these USB-A Quick Charge 3.0 rated ports can deliver up to 28-watts, which makes a total of 256-watts of power output.

This front panel features two 110-volts of Pure Sine Wave AC outputs, with up to 600-watts of maximum output even without these attachments. Plus, here are two 100-watts USB-C PD ports, two 28-watts of USB-A QC3.0 ports, two 12-volts 60-watts DC ports, and lastly, a 120-watts carport. And with all these ports and power, you’ll never be out of energy during your adventure trips. Surprisingly, the power station weighs less than 9-pounds without all these attachments, which makes it pretty easy to carry.

Final Say

Overall, the RUNHOOD DIY Portable Power Station comes with a unique, small size, swappable, portable, and innovative modular design; you’ll get a different experience than the generic power stations. And with this huge amount of power, portability, and enormous battery capacity, you’ll be covered with your electricity demand, no matter whether you’re camping, backpacking, or RVing. So that was our hands-on review of the RUNHOOD DIY Portable Power Station.

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