A Fair and Foul Weather Friend

A Fair and Foul Weather Friend - Runhood Power Inc.

November 2022

A fair and foul weather friend

When extreme weather hits, Runhood is there to power your essentials through the storm

You hear thunder crackle off in the distance. A quick check of your phone shows a line of pretty strong thunderstorms about to rumble through the neighborhood. Your app says to expect rain for the rest of the night.

That’s fine by you. It’s a perfect night to settle in. Maybe knock out that project in your office. Or just relax on the couch with some streaming shows and your tablet.

The thunder cracks again. This time it’s close. Close enough to rattle the house.

And with a quick flicker, the lights go off.

Your power is out.

You smile.

You’ve secretly been looking forward to this moment ever since you purchased a RUNHOOD Rallye 600 Pro. All four of your Energy Bar 324s are fully charged and ready to go. In fact, two are loaded into the Host Engine right now.

As you pull out your Rallye 600 and move the modular power station to the kitchen table, you remember it’s so portable and manageable. When you turn it on, it’s easy-to-read electronic display clearly shows it’s ready with 648 watt hours of banked energy.

The first thing you do is turn on the LED flashlight.

The bright setting is just a little too much light for the room, so you opt for the lower mode. Just for fun, you flip it over to the emergency setting and watch it cycle through an S.O.S. in Morse Code.

You flip it back to the lower light setting.

There’s no emergency here.

When you check your phone to get an update on the storm, you see its battery is dropping below 50%. With the power out and the storm still raging, you know you’ll need to make sure your communication devices stay on.

With four USB adapters on your Rallye 600, you opt to use a micro charger and its fast charging, 100 watt output. You plug in your tablet as well. And your Meta Quest 2.

Just because you don’t have electricity in the house doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have access to your wifi. One of the spare Energy Bar 324s easily couples with an AC Engine to create a Rallye Nano with the ability to power 120 volt appliances — like your modem.

It doesn’t take long for the modem to reset once it’s plugged into the Nano. With 324 watt hours, the modem could run non-stop for almost two straight days.

You only need a couple hours to finish up that one project for work and now is as good as any time to do it. The new iMac you picked up over the summer plugs into the Rallye 600 AC adapter and uses around 45 watts of power.

Once it boots up, the intuitive display on the Host Engine tells you that you can run your iMac for nearly twelve hours. With RUNHOOD’s pure sine technology, you know you don’t have to worry about any surges or hiccups damaging your expensive electronic devices.

The wifi is humming off the power from your Rallye Nano. The computer is powered with your Rallye 600. With a warm desk lamp plugged into the second AC outlet on the Rallye, you’re working in comfort while your neighbors are in the dark.

After finishing up your project (and a couple rounds of Beat Saber on the Meta Quest 2) you check the forecast on your phone to see the storm is still going strong. It might be a little longer than you expected before the power is back on.

Remembering there’s a mini-fridge in the basement that runs under 600 watts, you figure it would be smart to transfer some of your groceries inside and plug it into the RUNHOOD before heading to bed.

In the morning, it’s a bright and sunny start to the day. But the power isn’t on yet. And your Energy Bar 324s could use a recharge.

Now is the perfect time to turn your RUNHOOD into a solar-powered generator.

As you unfold your SERI 100 solar panel outside, you hear John down the street struggling to start his gas-powered generator. With full sunshine, you see the SERI delivering 100 watts of input power into your Rallye 600 and charging up the Energy Bar 324s inside.

John starts coughing in a cloud of black smoke after his generator finally fires up on the eighth pull of its string.

You make a note to send him a link to RUNHOOD’s Facebook page when the power comes back on. Then you remember your Rallye Nano is still powering your wifi connection, so you head inside to send it to him now.

He’ll get the link when the electricity is back on in the neighborhood.

To see what RUNHOOD offers and how our products can help you ride out a storm, click here.

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