Getting the most out of your RUNHOOD: Surprising appliances your portable station can power

Getting the most out of your RUNHOOD: Surprising appliances your portable station can power - Runhood Power Inc.

November 2022

RUNHOOD Portable Power Stations are creatively designed to meet your individual power needs. For maximum juice, look no further than the Rallye 600 Pro, with 600 watts, 110 volt AC output and 1296 watt hours. For smaller devices, simply attach a Power Bar 324 to one of our AC or DC Engines..

With modern electronic devices designed to run at lower and lower wattages for maximum energy conservation and efficiency, there are now a surprising number of appliances available that can easily be powered by your RUNHOOD.

Hot plate electric burners

Not much taxes a portable power station more than an appliance that generates heat. But with its 110 volts and 600 watts of output, your Rallye 600 is powerful enough to handle a wide variety of heating appliances. And you’ll find few appliances will come in more handy than a hot plate.

If the power goes out or you’re on a weekend getaway off the grid, an electric burner pairs well with your RUNHOOD. From the comfort of having a hot meal to the safety of being able to boil water to drink, a hot plate could soon become your favorite appliance away from home.

There are a handful of electric burners running on 110v adapters in the 400W to 600W range that would work well with your Rallye 600, including this model available at Walmart.

Deep freezers

If the power goes out, the clock starts ticking on the food in your refrigerator and freezer. Once temperatures reach over 50ºF, unsafe bacteria begins to multiply quickly on your meats, cheeses, and dairy products, turning them into trash fast.

Being able to keep your food frozen without electricity makes a huge difference for riding out the storm comfortably, and means you don’t have to spend money replacing your spoiled groceries. You could also use a small freezer with your RUNHOOD to give you a few extra days of camping in an off-the-grid cabin.

There are several, smaller 110V deep freezers on the market that work with the Rallye 600 AC output adapter.

Avanti offers a 3.5 cubic foot, 400W-600W model you can find here.

Coffee makers

Few things are more soothing than a steaming cup of coffee. A hot cup of freshly brewed joe may be the perfect companion while camping in the wilderness or cozied up in your favorite chair listening to the thunder crackle as you wait for the power to come back on.

While energy-hogging drip coffee makers just need too much of a power surge, never fear! There are still lots of ways your RUNHOOD can help you make a perfect cup of coffee.

Plug your hot plate into your Rallye 600. If you can boil water, there’s lots of tools and gadgets on the market from French presses to camping percolator pots that require no additional electricity.

Use freshly ground beans with this coffee grinder from Target to elevate your experience. Most grinders surge up to 300W, which is easily handled by the AC output from your Rallye 600.

Air humidifiers

Just because you’re spending a few days off the grid doesn’t mean you should spend a few days suffering with dry sinuses. Your Rallye 600 can quietly run an air humidifier all night long, making a dry cabin in the mountains feel like a spa in the tropics.

With a unit like this one offered by Levoit, you can even add your favorite essential oils. A test of that model using a Rallye 600 Pro with two fully charged Power Bar 324s showed that the RUNHOOD could power the humidifier for more than 22 hours.

That’s nearly three full evenings of running the humidifier without recharging. You’ll run out of water twice before running dead on batteries.


Blenders stir up fun at any gathering, so it only makes sense you’d like to have one at your outdoor get togethers. With the capacity to hold 648 watt hours of portable power when loaded with two fully-charged Power Bar 324s, and the ability to swap batteries on-the-go, your party will never lose power with RUNHOOD.

There are several blenders, juicers, and emulsifiers available on the market that use under 600W of power. This basic model by Mainstays offers six speed functions (including a pulse with a 48 ounce capacity), and runs at just 360W, giving you hours of serving up drinks to grateful guests.

So much more

The number of uses for your RUNHOOD modular portable power station are as unlimited as your imagination. Let us know on Facebook about your favorite ways to use the Rallye 600 or Nano and check out all we have to offer here.

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