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CNET: RUNHOOD is a game changer
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CNET: RUNHOOD is a game changer

May 04, 2023, by Eric Wong

"Runhood Rallye 600 (648Wh): There are a couple of these types of units on the market now, and I've been waiting for their arrival. This Runhood unit is the first modular style portable power station I've been able to get my hands on, and I love what it means for the industry. Performance-wise this thing was about average, but it could offer you more in flexibility and convenience than many other units. The batteries are swappable, so you can pick up extra ones as well as stand alone AC and USB modules that can use those extra batteries without being plugged into the main power station unit. Could be a game changer for trips where every member of the family is off in a different area draining some electronic device. I look forward to adding a "best modular power station" category soon."

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