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RV MAGAZINE: RUNHOOD, A Modular Solution for Home and Travel
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RV MAGAZINE: RUNHOOD, A Modular Solution for Home and Travel

May 04, 2023, by Eric Wong

"If you don’t follow the portable power station market closely, you would be excused for thinking there hasn’t been much new or innovative in recent years. A cursory glance at the options available often reveals numerous iterations of the same design we’ve seen for nearly a decade. But dig a little deeper, and you’ll find there are some manufacturers who are finding ways to push the envelope and deliver something unique and exciting.

One such company is Runhood, which has taken a modular approach to creating portable power solutions. Instead of offering a simple one-size-fits-all charging device, the company has built an entire ecosystem around its powerful batteries. Those power cells connect with a range of accessories, giving users multiple options for staying charged, both at home and on the go. ..."

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