Setting up camp with RUNHOOD’s modular portable power

Setting up camp with RUNHOOD’s modular portable power

An award-winning modular design makes RUNHOOD the best choice to take on any camping adventure

It’s easier than ever before to take portable power with you on your camping adventures. RUNHOOD’s portable power stations, banks, and solar generators are designed with outdoor enthusiasts in mind. The line’s modular capabilities give campers more options than any other brand can offer.

Whether you just need the peace of mind of having extra power to keep emergency communication devices charged off the grid, or you want to glam up your cabin for a party with string lights, blended drinks, and stereo music, RUNHOOD’s unique modular line of batteries, stations, and adapters can handle your power needs.

Award-winning modular design powers any adventure

Unlike the rest of the portable power stations on the market, RUNHOOD’s line is built around powerful, patented external batteries. This key difference sets RUNHOOD apart and gives campers far more options than any other brand can offer.

The batteries can be popped into either an extremely portable Rallye 600 or the all-new, twice-as-powerful Rallye 1200 to unleash their full power. The Rallye 1200 provides 1200 watts of output through three pure sine AC plug-ins, a bank of USB ports for electronic devices, as well as DC outs and a carport output. It even has a wireless charging plate on top under the handle.

Other power stations with internal batteries need to be hauled to a power source for a recharge anytime the power runs low. With RUNHOOD, you can swap used batteries with fresh ones while your Rallye is running so you never run out of power.

With this exclusive, swappable battery feature, your Rallye has virtually unlimited running time. As long as you have fresh batteries, your camping adventure never runs out of power.

The external batteries can also be used all on their own with adapters to charge electronic devices or run small AC appliances. They’re easy to fit in a backpack for day hikes, so you can keep your camera charged and have a power source in case of emergency.

Solar power options keep your adventure running off the grid

If you’re truly off the grid, you can charge your RUNHOOD by harnessing the power of the sun. The pro kit versions of both the Rallye 600 and the Rallye 1200 come equipped with RUNHOOD’s Seri 100 solar panel.

It’s smartly designed, light-weight, and easy to use anywhere you need power. The Seri 100 folds into a three foot by three foot briefcase with a sturdy handle for comfortable carrying.

When ready to use, it expands to reveal seven solar panels that can harvest 100 watts of power per hour. You can lay it flat on the ground or use the kickstands behind each panel to find the perfect angle to catch the most rays.

The Seri 100 plugs directly into a Rallye. You can use the solar panel to directly power your devices or use it to charge the external batteries if they’re inserted inside.

With RUNHOOD’s exclusive removable batteries, you also have the option of charging the batteries by connecting them directly to the Seri 100.

This feature, which really comes in handy on camping adventures, is another one that other power stations don’t offer. You can keep using your Rallye to charge your devices or run your appliances while charging your batteries anywhere there’s sunshine.

That means you can have your Rallye in the cabin charging up your phones and tablets, running a small fan, and powering a mini-cooler, while your spare batteries are charging in the sun.

It takes just over three hours to fully charge a battery. After an afternoon in the sun, your batteries are ready to swap into your Rallye for whatever your evening holds.

Let’s say hiking is your thing. You can add a battery, its adapters, and the Seri 100 to your pack for an overnight hike into the woods. You’re off the grid, but still have unlimited energy for your emergency devices, lights, a camera, or anything else you can pack that needs power.

With RUNHOOD, the adventure keeps going.

Available now through crowdsourced Kickstarter campaign

The new Rallye 1200 was introduced to the market in April 2023 just in time for the camping season through a campaign on Kickstarter. You can be among the very first to own the all-new Rallye 1200 before it’s available online and through RUNHOOD’s Amazon store.

Learn more about the rest of RUNHOOD’s groundbreaking line of modular, portable power units here.

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