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  • The RALLYE JUICE PACK contains two Energy Bar 324 providing up to 648Wh of output power when combined.
  • New technology: Battery(EB324) could be directly recharged with solar panel(SERI 100)/ 180W adapter/ 120W car charger with SOLAR CHARGER SC200(sold separately).
  • EB324 combines with Host Engine 600 (sold separately) to create RALLYE 600 portable power station and with USB Engine 256 or AC Engine 80 (both sold separately) to form RALLYE NANO.
  • Innovative design makes EB324 smaller, lighter, and more portable than other products in the same output class.
  • Several ways to charge when equipped with either HE600 or UE256.
  • Technology to swap batteries on the go with HE600 keeping your devices running.