RUNHOOD 1200W Host Engine 1200(no battery) HE1200

Sale price$499.00

  • Host Engine 1200 is the modular portable power station base unit. Combine with Energy Bar 324 to build RALLYE 1200 to meet power needs up to 1200W and 648Wh.
  • LCD interface,1xwireless charging pad 12V 5A, 3xAC output with pure sine wave 110 V 60Hz and many other interfaces.
  •  Solar charging capable when Host Engine 1200 is equipped with SERI 100 Solar Panel (15V-23V, 10A) and Energy Bar 324 (sold separately).
  •  Innovative technology supports swapping batteries on the go without ever losing power.

Learn the ONLY and the 1ST modular design power station on the market

Modular design means that we divided the traditional power station into several independent parts: host engine, energy bar, etc. Every part has its function. The combination of different parts can enable a portable power station with different functions and capabilities. Plenty of advantages you will get from the modular design.

Runhood's modular design has obtained many patents, including design patents, appearance patents, and so on. Check the following content to view the variety of benefits of modular design.