RALLYE 80(324Wh/AC 80W. Portable Power Bank )

Sale price$329.00

  • Unique modular power bank. 324Wh, 90000mAh, AC 80W/ DC 256W. Fast recharge with the solar panel( SERI 100 ) and AC wall outlet( need to use UE256 ). Long-Lasting power bank with 2-year warranty.
  • Reliably power your devices every day for 10 years. Suitable for many appliances perfectly, such as iphone and other mobiles, laptop, camera, lighting, fan, etc.
  • Very easy to expand. Combine with our other modules to enjoy larger capacity and more functions, such as HE600.
  • RALLYE 80 Mini power bank includes the AC Engine 80(AE80) and an Energy Bar 324(EB324).
  • The combination provides a pure sine AC output of 80W (110V, 60Hz).
  • Easily upgrade to RALLYE NANO with the addtional purchase of the USB Engine 256 to power all your electronic devices.
  • No input port. Need USB engine(UE256) or host engine(HE600) to recahrge.