RALLYE NANO(324Wh/AC 80W&DC 256W. Portable Power Bank )

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  • Unique modular power bank. 324Wh, 90000mAh, AC 80W/ DC 256W. Fast recharge with the solar panel( SERI 100 ) and AC wall outlet. Long-Lasting power bank with 2-year warranty.
  • Reliably power your devices every day for 10 years. Suitable for many appliances perfectly, such as iphone and other mobiles, laptop, camera, lighting, fan, etc.
  • Very easy to expand. Combine with our other modules to enjoy larger capacity and more functions, such as HE600.
  • RALLYE NANO includes three modules: the AC Engine 80(AE80), the USB Engine 256(UE256), and an Energy Bar 324(EB324) with 324Wh of output. Combine the three modules to form either the RALLYE 80 or the RALLYE 256.
  • RALLYE 80 Mini power bank includes the AC Engine 80(AE80) and an Energy Bar 324(EB324). The combination provides a pure sine AC output of 80W (110V, 60Hz).
  • RALLYE 256 Super Power Bank includes the USB Engine 256(UE256) and an Energy Bar 324(EB324) to power your electronic devices. The RALLYE 256 features four USB ports: a bi-directional USB-C PD 100W, a USB-C PD 100W output, and two USB-A QC3.0 28W outputs.
  • GREEN AND FREE RECHARGING WAY: The UE256 could be paired with any Type-C cable for recahring which reduce the pollution of cable, and the battery EB324 also could be recharged by clean enery solar panel which is totally free an clean energy.