A closer look at what makes RUNHOOD stand apart

A closer look at what makes RUNHOOD stand apart

In a crowded marketplace of portable power stations and generators, RUNHOOD’s groundbreaking line of patented power products truly separates itself from the pack with exclusive features that give customers more options and more value. 

When it comes to portable power stations, all of a sudden customers have a lot of options. But on closer look, nearly every single one of them is exactly the same as the next. 

You plug the power station into a power source and charge up the batteries inside. Then you take the station wherever you need portable power. When the power runs out, you have to find an outlet and charge the station back up before you can use it again.  

They’re simple stations that can be very convenient in certain circumstances — but they have their limitations.  

RUNHOOD offers more with its patented modular power system. 

When you purchase a Rallye Pro from RUNHOOD, you’re getting more than just a portable power station.  

You are buying a modular power kit.

You get the host engine to build a Rallye Power Station. You get two separate adapters to build miniature USB or AC power banks. And you get four of RUNHOOD’s swappable external batteries.

With all of these pieces, you can build whatever you want to meet your power needs.  

This gives RUNHOOD customers more options and more value than any other brand can offer.

Swappable batteries make power even more portable

RUNHOOD’s award-winning, patented design is built around removable, swappable batteries. This key design difference allows RUNHOOD to offer many more features than competing brands. 

You can use the batteries to fuel either a Rallye 600 or a Rallye 1200 power station. Each offers pure sine AC outputs to power appliances. Both come with a USB port with a variety of USB options to charge electric devices.  

With swappable batteries, the Rallye Power Station has virtually unlimited battery capacity.  

The Rallye only runs out of power when you run out of batteries.  

When a power station from a competing brand with internal batteries runs out, the station becomes completely useless until it is recharged. 

With RUNHOOD, your adventures keep going. Batteries can be swapped out on-the-go, keeping your appliances running and your devices charging. Swappable batteries are a patented and exclusive feature you only get with the RUNHOOD line. 

These swappable batteries give you far more extensive charging options as well. 

While using your Rallye, you can have the spare batteries charging in other locations. The batteries can be charged using a super-fast AC adapter, through the USB port, or by connecting them to a carport.  

They can also be directly charged with a RUNHOOD Seri 100 Solar Panel. The Seri 100 comes with every Rallye Pro kit sold. With a special adapter, the batteries can be connected directly to the solar panel and charged by sunshine. 

It takes just over three hours to fill the swappable batteries 324 watt hours capacity.

This feature offered only by RUNHOOD makes using solar power easier than ever before.

Modular options limited only by your imagination

RUNHOOD’s modular design lets you build what you need for wherever you want portable power.  

If you’re just going out for a drive and want to make sure you have enough power for your cell phone, bring along a swappable battery and snap on the USB adapter. You’ll have a mini-power bank that will keep your phone charged for days.

Let’s say the power goes out after a strong storm. You can use a couple swappable batteries to fire up a Rallye 1200. With 1200 watts of output power and the ability to handle a 2400 watt surge, you’ll be able to power a variety of appliances at once. 

It can handle a mini fridge to keep perishable groceries from spoiling and your modem to keep the internet running. Use a spare battery with the AC adapter to run another appliance in another room and a second spare battery with the USB adapter to keep up to four phones or tablets charging. 

If you purchased additional batteries, you can have a pair outside on the solar panel to charge up and swap into your Rallye once those batteries start running low.  

RUNHOOD gives customers more products to use for their money and so many more ways to use them, making power more portable and more convenient than ever before.

Available now only through crowdsourced Kickstarter campaign

The extremely portable Rallye 600 hit the market last year. The all-new, more powerful Rallye 1200 is in the final stage of its Kickstarter campaign. RUNHOOD will begin shipping the first Rallye 1200 to customers starting in August 2023.  

It’ll soon be available online and through RUNHOOD’s Amazon store.  

Learn more about the rest of RUNHOOD’s groundbreaking line of modular, portable power units here.

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