First look at the F3600

First look at the F3600

Groundbreaking new system gives customers the power they need wherever they want it with the ability to store thousands of watt hours to take on the go or save for home use 

We can’t wait to get this out on the market. It’s a revolutionary product that completely changes how you can store and use power while offering value to customers like nothing else available. 

The upcoming F3600 is the only power product that offers dual energy storage. Not only can you roll it out to wherever you want portable power, but you can also use it at home. 

Alone, it offers a very respectable 3600 watt hours of power. But what makes it even more special is the ability to stack the F3600 with additional battery units.  

You can combine the F3600 with two additional batteries for mobile use. That’s more than 10 KWh to take on-the-go.  

For home use, the F3600 can be stacked with six additional battery units for more than 25,000 watt hours of power. You’ll have energy for days in an emergency. And you can save money each month on your electric bill by banking power to use during peak hours. 

No one else offers this dual capability to take power on the road or use it at home. It’s exclusive. It’s patented. It’s extra value for our customers.

It’s exactly what you would expect from RUNHOOD.

Hours upon hours of power to take wherever you want, perfect for camping and RV life

The F3600 is more than just a power storage unit. It’s also an impressive power station all on its own.  

It features three Anderson outputs: a pair of 12V, 420 watt maximum outputs, as well as a 24V, 840 watt output.  

You’ll also find a USB port with four options, including a pair of fast charging USB-C 100W PD outputs. 

Powering it up is fast and easy with an array of charging options. Not only does the F3600 charge with either a 12 volt or 24 volt car charger and a 15 amp AC charge, but it also brings solar charging to another level.  

It supports up to 2000 watts of solar charging with a 200 V DC 15 Amp input. With enough panels under ideal conditions, you can fill the entire unit with 3,600 watt hours of stored energy in under two hours.

The F3600 works best when used with the rest of the RUNHOOD modular power line. When coupled with an extra pair of battery units to give you 10,600 watt hours of energy, you can power nearly anything you could want wherever you need power.  

Take it to a cabin and enjoy all the conveniences of home. The F3600 can handle the hungriest of energy hogs. 

Want to run a full size refrigerator and freezer? That’ll cost you around 3,000 watt hours of energy over a three day weekend.  

How about a big screen TV and enough lamps to light three rooms? That’s another kilowatt hour for the trip.  

That leaves you with enough power leftover to run an energy-draining air conditioning unit a couple hours a day before you would need to recharge the F3600. 

Your imagination is the only limit when you have the power of RUNHOOD along for your adventures.

Dual home use provides peace of mind and cheaper utility bills

When you’re not taking the F3600 out camping, RVing, or staging an epic tailgating party, you can use the unit at home as a backup energy storage system. 

With an F3600 and six more batteries stacked together, you can bank an incredible 25,200 watt hours of power.  

That’s enough energy to power every single item in the average North American home for an entire day.  

When the grid goes down due to severe weather or overuse, you’ll be able to use your F3600 to ride out any storm in comfort and security.  

You can also use the energy storage system to save hundreds of dollars each year on your electricity bills. Electricity costs more during peak hours of the day when the grid is being taxed the hardest. It often costs a lot less late at night and early in the morning when use of the grid is at its lowest.

During peak hours, use the power banked in your F3600 instead of using the grid. Then fill the batteries back up at night when the electricity costs less.  

When you couple the F3600 with solar panels, you can create your own bankable green energy, save more money, and even achieve the dream of getting off the grid entirely. 

We introduced this exciting new product at Solar International 2023 in Germany this spring and hope to start shipping F3600s before the end of the year.

In the meantime, you can learn more about the rest of RUNHOOD’s groundbreaking line of modular, portable power units by visiting us here.

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