First look at RUNHOOD’s latest home energy storage solution

First look at RUNHOOD’s latest home energy storage solution

The F3600 is another first-of-its-kind product from RUNHOOD, combining mobile power and home energy storage 

It was an honor for us at RUNHOOD to have taken part in Intersolar 2023 in Munich, Germany. The largest solar exhibition in Europe, Intersolar gave nearly 100,000 visitors the opportunity to see some of the world’s most innovative energy products. 

It was the perfect location for us to unveil our latest industry exclusive — the F3600.  

We’re taking home energy storage in a new direction no one else on the market has tried before with a groundbreaking new way to bank power. The F3600 is both a mobile power supply and a home energy storage system. 

Each F3600 battery banks up to 3,600 watt hours of portable power. That’s more than ten times the capacity of one of RUNHOOD’s long-running Energy Bars. For mobile use, up to three F3600 can be stacked together and easily be wheeled out to a cabin or tailgate to provide thousands of hours of energy wherever you need it.  

That’s 10,800 watt hours of mobile power. 

It’s dual functionality allows the F3600 to double as a home energy storage system. Up to seven units can be stacked together for home use, storing an incredible 25,200 watt hours of power.  

That’s enough to fully power everything in a home for an entire day!  

When you combine the F3600 with solar panels, RUNHOOD makes off-grid living not only possible, but downright convenient. 

The F3600 is also completely compatible with the rest of RUNHOOD’s patented line of exclusive modular power stations, banks, and solar generators.

Enough power to keep you running through the storm

Portable power helps keep you and your family safe and secure when the grid goes down. With seven F3600 fully charged and stacked, you’ll be able to keep essentials powered for days until the electricity is restored. You’ll be able to simultaneously run:

  • A modern refrigerator/freezer — 1kW hour/day
  • 4k LED TV’s — 350 watts/day
  • A wi-fi modem — 250 watts/day
  • An iMac — 1kW hour/day
  • Five lamps with LED bulbs — 400 watts per day

In other words, by stacking seven F3600s for 25,200 watt hours, you would be able to run a full size refrigerator/freezer combo, have a reliable internet connection, use your computer, watch TV, and light several rooms in your home, while keeping all of your phones and tablets fully charged, for nearly an entire week. 

If you couple the F3600 with RUNHOOD’s Seri 100, you could produce up to 1,000 watts of additional energy per day per panel, giving you hours upon hours of power. 

Not only could you ride out any storm in comfort, safety, and security, you could live off-the-grid entirely. You could also save hundreds of dollars annually on your electric bill. 

We can’t wait to release more details about the exciting new F3600 at the RE+ 2023 Exhibition in Las Vegas this September!

Two new Rallye power stations join RUNHOOD line up

Along with news of the F3600 mobile power supply and home power storage system, we were thrilled to give attendees at Intersolar a sneak peak at the new Rallye 1200 and the new Rallye Mini 600 before they ship to customers later this year. 

Both Rallyes feature RUNHOOD’s award-winning design with external batteries that can be hot-swapped on-the-go, giving the power stations virtually unlimited extended battery capacity. 

And both Rallyes feature RUNHOOD’s exclusive modular capabilities. The same external, swappable battery that fuels every Rallye power station can also be used separately with a small, snap-on adapter to convert the battery into an extra USB or AC power bank. 

The external batteries give customers convenient charging options no one else offers, including the ability to charge the batteries by directly connecting them to a RUNHOOD solar panel. 

In a suddenly crowded marketplace filled with portable power options for consumers, RUNHOOD stands apart with exclusive features, bringing consumers options and value they simply can’t find anywhere else.

Rallye 1200 ships this summer, more products coming soon

The Rallye 600 hit the market last year and is currently available online and through RUNHOOD’s Amazon store.  

RUNHOOD’s all-new, more powerful Rallye 1200 is in the final stage of its Kickstarter campaign and will begin shipping to customers this August.  

The Rallye 600 Mini is expected to join the Rallye 1200 on store shelves before the end of 2023. 

Learn more about the rest of RUNHOOD’s groundbreaking line of modular, portable power units here.

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