Sleep and breathe easy with RUNHOOD by your side

Sleep and breathe easy with RUNHOOD by your side

Sleep apnea is a nightmare. Runhood helps you get through the night, quietly and cleanly powering your CPAP machine

The constant snoring, so bad it can wake you up out of a deep slumber just to catch your breath. You don’t get a good night's sleep. Your partner can’t either. It’s enough to leave you exhausted. And it takes a huge toll on your health. 

Sleep apnea interrupts breathing during the sleep cycle. This can happen hundreds of times over the course of a night. The lack of good oxygen flow to the lungs leaves sufferers at a higher risk for high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke, diabetes and many other ailments. 

Researchers believe as many as a billion people worldwide are affected by sleep apnea.

Luckily, modern medicine has found a solution. Continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) machines deliver uninterrupted pressurized air through a specialized mask that you wear while you sleep.

More than 8 million Americans currently rely on their CPAP machines to get them through the night. If you’re one of them, you know you need a reliable source of power that won’t let you down while you try to sleep.  

You need RUNHOOD.

Clean and quiet power makes RUNHOOD perfect for running CPAP

RUNHOOD’s line of modular power stations, banks, and generators featuring groundbreaking swappable battery technology is the ideal choice for running CPAP machines or other sensitive electronic medical equipment in your home. 

In many ways, using a RUNHOOD Rallye power station is better than plugging your machine into a wall outlet.  

With your Rallye’s portability, you don’t have to worry about extension cords and wall outlet locations. You can position your CPAP machine in the most convenient location possible and then just plug it into your Rallye.

A smart, compact design ensures your Rallye will fit snugly into any bedroom. Occasionally, the Rallye will cool itself with a fan system, but you will likely never even hear it under the hum of the CPAP machine’s motor.  

Both the Rallye 600 and the Rallye 1200 can easily handle the power drain from a CPAP machine. Even on its highest settings, including heated humidity, a CPAP uses around 80 watts of energy. With a Rallye 1200, you get 1200 watts of output power and 2400 watts of surge power.  

With a Rallye 1200, you can run three CPAP machines simultaneously from three AC plug-in outputs. 

RUNHOOD’s exclusive swappable battery technology gives your Rallye extended battery capacity with the ability to swap fresh batteries into the power station on-the-go, making sure your devices never lose power.  

But with two fully charged batteries clocking in at nearly 650 watt hours of banked power, you can run a CPAP all through the night with enough power to spare that you could charge up your smartphones and devices as well. The Rallye 1200 even features a charging plate on its top. 

That way both you and your devices wake up 100 percent charged and ready to face the day.

Pure sine technology perfect for the most sensitive electronic equipment

Medical equipment is delicate and needs a power source delivering consistent energy to function properly.  

RUNHOOD’s line of modular power products is scientifically engineered to run even the most sensitive equipment. There’s no need to worry about power surges or damaging your machine.  

Many generators and stations convert power to alternating current with a modulated sine wave. This delivers electricity in a rough, uneven current as it alternates from positive to negative.

Think of one of the Egyptian pyramids. From a distance, the sides look smooth. But on closer inspection, the sides are actually a series of bricks with sharp 90º angles.  

Modulated sine waves are very similar, delivering AC in a choppy wave rather than a smooth one.  

All of RUNHOOD’s power products deliver AC in pure sine waves. Each power station and adapter in the award-winning line is engineered with filters, inverters, and converters to take the direct current coming from one of the swappable batteries and transform the electricity into smooth, uninterrupted, pure sine wavelength alternating current. 

This makes all power coming from RUNHOOD’s portable power products perfectly safe to use for any electronic equipment. Power surges won’t overwhelm computers. Stereos play without annoying hums. And medical equipment operates without any hitches that could damage their delicate operating systems. 

With RUNHOOD, you can rest easy knowing your CPAP machine will be safe, sound, and helping you sleep for years to come.

Available now through crowdsourced Kickstarter campaign

The new RALLYE 1200 was introduced to the market in April 2023 through a crowdsourced Kickstarter campaign. You can be among the very first to have your own through the Kickstarter campain before it’s available online and through RUNHOOD’s Amazon store. 

Learn more about the rest of RUNHOOD’s groundbreaking line of modular, portable power units here.

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