Looking for luxury rather than roughing it, RUNHOOD adds glamour to your camp

Looking for luxury rather than roughing it, RUNHOOD adds glamour to your camp

As “glamping” continues to climb in popularity at campgrounds coast-to-coast, RUNHOOD’s groundbreaking line of portable power stations and generators gives outdoor enthusiasts more options than anyone to power their campsite with style

With outdoor vacationing enjoying record popularity, more and more campers are finding that getting away from it all doesn’t mean you have to leave all the luxuries of home behind.

“Roughing it” in the wilderness isn’t for everybody. For many, the beauty of nature is enhanced by adding friends, string lights, a stereo system, an outdoor projector, and a working blender.

“Glamping” is more popular than ever before, as campers add modern conveniences to their campsite vacations. 

According to The Dyrt’s 2023 Camping Report:

  • 7 million Americans plan to “glamp” this season
  • 44% of campgrounds expanding this year emphasized glamping
  • More than 80 million people plan to camp in the United States this year

RUNHOOD’s award-winning power stations and generators were designedto add convenience to camping. The line is unlike anything else on the market, giving campers more ways to use their portable power than any other brand can offer.

Unique modular design gives you more options, more convenience, more power

Other portable power options on the market are very similar in design; they all feature internal batteries. You charge up the unit, bring it to your campsite, and use the power banked inside until it runs out. Once the power is gone, the station is useless until you can plug it into a power source and charge the entire unit up again.

RUNHOOD is completely different. The entire line is built around removable, swappable high-tech batteries.  

These batteries — called Energy Bar 324s after their 324 watt hour capacity — can be used in any of the Rallye power stations in the RUNHOOD line, or separately as mini-power banks of their own by snapping on either a small USB port or an AC plug in adapter.

This patented, exclusive modular design allows RUNHOOD to offer more options to power more devices, so you can add a touch of glamour to your next camping adventure.

And this design allows you to keep your adventure running longer.

When the batteries are running low, you can swap them out on-the-go. Devices and appliances plugged into the Rallye keep running.

This hot-swappable feature means your Rallye never runs out of power as long as you have fresh batteries available. With RUNHOOD, your evening of glamping can run deep into the night.

More ways to charge up batteries keeps the party going

The exclusive, swappable battery feature keeps running whatever devices you’re using to glam up your camp, as long as you have fully-charged batteries to swap into your Rallye. 

RUNHOOD also offers more options to charge up your batteries than any other portable power station on the market.

You can charge the batteries while inside a Rallye power station through a USB input or the DC input for fast charging. The new Rallye 1200 even offers super-fast charging through a 400 watt plug-in. 

This option fully charges an Energy Bar 324 in under an hour.

If you’re out glamping, you can swing into town for supplies, find a spot to plug in your Rallye, and you’ll have a pair of fully charged batteries to bring back to camp by the time you’re done running errands.

Not only do RUNHOOD’s modular adapters let you use your batteries as separate mini-power banks, they can also be charged separately from your Rallye. The USB adapter features a PD 100 watt in/output to refuel your Energy Bar.

On top of that, you can plug your batteries directly into RUNHOOD’s Seri 100 Solar Panel and recharge the Energy Bar using clean, green sunshine.

While glamping, you can power your devices with your Rallye station while your spare batteries are charging up separately on a Seri 100. Once those are charged, you can swap them into the Rallye and then start charging the used batteries on the solar panel.

This exclusive feature adds hundreds of watt hours to your next adventure — hours no other brand can offer.

Available now through crowdsourced Kickstarter campaign

The all-new more powerful Rallye 1200 joined the RUNHOOD line in the spring of 2023 just in time for the camping season through a campaign on Kickstarter. You can be among the very first to own the all-new Rallye 1200 before it’s available online and through RUNHOOD’s Amazon store.

Learn more about the rest of RUNHOOD’s groundbreaking line of modular, portable power units here.

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