With a record number of recreational vehicles on the road, RUNHOOD meets an unprecedented demand for portable power

With a record number of recreational vehicles on the road, RUNHOOD meets an unprecedented demand for portable power

With its modular design unlike anything else on the market today, RUNHOOD is the perfect partner to take along on any roadtrip to keep your adventures running.

If you’re planning on hitting the highway for a getaway, you’re hardly alone.  After experiencing a boom of record sales during the pandemic, there have never been more recreational vehicles on the road.

And people plan to use them. Travel trend reports show the majority of Americans are planning a road trip in the near future.

With millions of travelers on the road, the need for portable power has never been greater. RUNHOOD is there to meet the demand with a line of groundbreaking portable power stations, banks, and generators providing the power you need, the way you need it. 

Unlike competing brands in a suddenly crowded marketplace, RUNHOOD’s line of power products is built around a powerful external battery — the Energy Bar 324. These EB324s bank 324 watt hours of portable power.

Where RUNHOOD stands apart is how the product line unleashes that banked power through a variety of adapters and power stations. The modular design adds more options for portable power than any competing brand can offer. All those portable power options make RUNHOOD an ideal companion when you’re on the road and off the grid.

Award-winning modular design powers any adventure

When you choose RUNHOOD, you get more. You get more power, you get more options to use that power, and your adventure stays powered longer.

Other rechargeable, battery-powered portable power stations on the market have their batteries trapped inside the station itself. There’s no way to remove them. In fact, it’s dangerous if you even try.

These stations are plugged into a wall, charged up, and then used until they run dead. Once the batteries run dry, these stations are useless until you can charge up the entire unit again.

The revolutionary, award-winning modular design of the RUNHOOD line is completely different from anything else on the market today. Not only can the external Energy Bar 324s be used inside a RUNHOOD power station, they can also be used separately, with either a USB port adapter to charge up electronic devices or a DC outlet adapter to power small appliances.

So if all you need is to charge a phone, you can just use the Energy Bar and a USB port adapter to create a portable mini power bank.

Or you can unleash the full potential of the EB324s with up to 2400 watts of surge power when inserted inside the all-new Rallye 1200 portable power station. 

The batteries are hot swappable. Unlike other stations that are useless when they run dead until they’re recharged, RUNHOOD allows you to keep the power going by simply swapping fresh batteries in and out of the power station. Your power station never runs out of power as long as you’ve got charged EB324s on hand.

With RUNHOOD, your adventure keeps going.

All the options ideal for the open the road

The new Rallye 1200 offers enough output to power a variety of small appliances while keeping your electronic devices charged and ready. As the name implies, it pours out 1200 watts of power with a surge up to 2400 watts.

For a weekend in an RV, that’s enough output to run a small refrigerator, a coffee maker, or even a hotplate.  

The modular design of the Rallye means you don’t have to wait until you’re at your destination for it to come in handy.  

Keep an Energy Bar 324 with a USB adapter up front and you can charge up to four electronic devices at once while you’re driving to your next adventure.  

All the charging options make it easier than ever to keep your power portable. With the new 400 watt max fast-charging input, you can plug the Rallye 1200 into a wall when you take a break from driving and it completely charges an entire EB324 in under an hour.

If you’re away from the grid, you can even charge up with solar power. RUNHOOD’s SERI 100 plugs directly into your Rallye or your EB324 to power your adventure with green energy. 

The Rallye 1200 is especially useful if you have an unexpected emergency on the road. The unit comes equipped with an LED miniature floodlight with regular and extra bright settings to light up the area if you need to work on your vehicle or a flashing setting if you need to call in help.

The unit also comes with car-charging battery clamps. The Rallye can trickle charge a dead car battery in around half an hour to help get you back on road.

Available now through crowdsourced Kickstarter campaign

The new Rallye 1200 was introduced to the market in April 2023 just in time for RV season through a crowdsourced Kickstarter campaign. You can be among the very first to have your own through the Kickstarter campaign before it’s available online and through RUNHOOD’s Amazon store.

Learn more about the rest of RUNHOOD’s groundbreaking line of modular, portable power units here.

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